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Kibale National Park

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3 Days Kibale Forest Trekking in Uganda

3 Day Moderate – Better Budget Private Kibale Forest, Chimpanzee Safari, Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary Swamp Walk plus Top of the Crater Lake Hike as well as a Village Visit.

3 day Kibale Forest Safari: Birds, Chimpanzees, Wildlife, charming Kibale Rainforest, Monkeys, Bigodi Wetlands having a profusion of Birds in addition to wildlife. enjoy a thrilling guided nature walk visiting the villages near the beautiful crater lakes to a standpoint where you observe the legendary snow capped Mountains of the Moon, Queen Elizabeth Park as well as the crater lakes right below you. Have a Village walk within the Bigodi Community to learn more about the native culture and lifestyle of the people.

Day 1: Kampala or Entebbe for Kibale Rainforest

Drive off at 6:30 am and head for Kibale Rainforest where you will spend the 3 days of your safari enjoy this adventure. It is a picturesque drive and yet again this will remind you the reason as to why Uganda isn’t just the Pearl of Africa, but Africa’s Emerald Pearl as whichever direction you will look you’ll see the shade of deep green around you. Each time you want, the driver will stop, giving an opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful countryside or any other feature that you may find pleasing to look at.

You will reach at the Kibale Forest Camp a small yet cherished tented camp whose permanent tents are elevated on platforms. This Kibale Forest Camp actually has one of the top ratings on TripAdvisor for accommodations within Kibale Forest. Price wise this lodge falls under the Better-Budget and the Moderate Range with regards to accommodation. You will check into your accommodation which is neighbored by various wildlife species for instance butterflies, monkeys plus birds. The staff at the Kibale Forest Camp is very welcoming and friendly and aim at ensuring that you enjoy your holiday in Uganda.

The tent cottages are well furnished and also have bedside lamps which are not common in budget facilities. At the rare end inside the tent you will find the bathroom plus most of all you will need is available. Outside on the deck you will find chairs in which you can sit and unwind as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. Have Lunch back at Kibale Forest Camp whose outstanding quality of food will certainly exceed that which you may expect in a better budget – reasonably priced tented camp.

You will have a full board stay here that includes all meal for vegetarians as well as vegans. Drinks for example wine; sodas and beer aren’t contained in the price.

Have a guided walk in the Afternoon within the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary and there you will enjoy a unique adventure experience in this jungle-swamp. A good deal of this walk is over walkways made of wooden boards to ensure that you are over the swamp. We recommend that you wear hiking boots but if you wish you can choose to rent a pair of rubber boots at a reasonable price. It is a two and half hour to three hour walk and very ideal for people enthusiastic about bird watching, those interested in something completely unusual – a jungle swamp; you will see various privates here including monkeys a number of them being uncommon species. Marvel at the different species playing about and crisscrossing your paths. The Bigodi Wetlands is certainly a must visit destination in Uganda particularly for those on a 3 day safari within Kibale Forest.

Among the primate species in Bigodi swamp are: the Red Colobus Monkeys, the irregular Chimpanzees, Gray Cheeked Mangabey’s, Red Colobus, L’Hoest Monkeys, Black & White Colobus, Vervet Monkeys, Baboons plus Blue Monkeys.

Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is as well habitat to several mammals such as the rare and hard-to-find semi-aquatic Sitatunga Antelopes which have characteristic webbed toes that are among the permanent residents here together with Mongooses, Bush Pigs, Otters plus Bush Bucks.

More than 138 species of birds have actually been recorded here and most of all this Bigodi Wetlands is prominent for its resident Great Blue Turaco. On a regular basis you will see several types of birds for example Papyrus Gonoleks, Flycatchers, Hornbills, Kingfishers, Waxbills, Cuckoos plus the Weavers among many others.

Dine and slumber at Kibale Forest Camp

Day 2: Chimpanzee Trek

After Breakfast you will leave to start the Chimpanzee Trek. among the Recommended items for this thrilling activity are: long trousers preferably jeans, long sleeved shirts, hiking boots, a daypack, a light rain jacket, a liter of bottled drinking water, a hat preferably with a wide brim.

Chimpanzee tracking takes approximately 3 hours and Kibale Forest is the perfect destination in the whole of East Africa to track chimpanzees. The West African jungles meet Eastern African in this Kibale forest home to thirteen primate species; usually you will see around 5 to 6 species while you are tracking chimpanzees.

Aside from the Chimpanzees there is the magnificent rainforest, butterflies flying all around, the various primates, and the diverse variety of trees, flowers, the large quantity of birds, and most of all the fascinating sounds of the Rainforest itself.

The highlight here are the chimpanzees which will certainly capture your attention, and you’re simply delighted you visited Kibale Forest to track Chimpanzee.

You will spend an hour in the presence of the chimpanzees as you watch them in close proximity enabling you to take up close pictures. These chimpanzee groups have been habituated, which process takes around 2 years as they get these chimpanzees familiar to human presence so that the chimpanzees can carry on with their day to day activities even in the presence of people. Lunch at the Kibale Forest Camp

After lunch you will have a Village Walk in Bigodi. This guided cultural experience offers you an opportunity to meet the native people that live in the area neighboring the Bigodi Wetlands plus Kibale Forest. you will have the opportunity to learn about their traditional customs as well s way of life lifestyle as you walk through their village, visit some homes, listen to the tales of the village elders about this area and even observe the local way of harvesting their produce and preparing food. You will visit the church, a school, and even have time to see and experience the rural life of Ugandans other than the usual wildlife, plants, birds and primates.

Dinner at the Kibale Forest Camp you will have a Nocturnal walk within the Kibale Rainforest Jungle using spotlights in the company of guides who will showing you the various nighttime creature of the area like Bushbabies plus Pottos among many others. This is a wonderful time to visit the jungle of Kibale Rainforest.

Day 3: Kibale Forest Camp

Have Breakfast at the Kibale Forest Camp after which you will leave for a guided superior world nature walk. This guided way will take you through the various villages and tea plantations, however crater lakes towards the viewpoint where you’ll see below you the various crater lakes, villages, the great Rwenzori Mountains of the moon and in the distance away Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is advisable to possess a daypack plus some drinking water, a couple of granola bars and hiking boots for the thrilling hike.

Lunch at the Kibale Forest Camp

Drive back to Kampala and arrive in the early evening.

A full three days at Kibale Rainforest – a very unforgettable visit to see Uganda’s habituated chimpanzees. Safari includes: all safari activities listed in the itinerary, full board, Bottled water is in the safari vehicle but excludes: sodas, tips, laundry, wine and beer.

This 3 day better budget safari can easily be taken on to have an entire day’s Chimpanzee Habituation Experience that involves you spending the full day with the chimpanzees. Enjoy your stay at the Kibale Rainforest Jungle plus the surrounding area.


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